LinkHealth - Healthcare training from Link Learning

LinkHealthHealthcare Training Solutions

Link Learning have created LinkHealtha suite of training solutions designed specifically to help healthcare managers overcome the burden of training in the highly regulated healthcare sector.

This suite of healthcare training products include;

  • Custom digital learning solutions including eLearning, video training and online assessments.
  • Traditional healthcare training courses
  • Training management technologies
  • Health learning library
  • Healthcare training support materials
  • Train the trainer healthcare training manuals

Link Learning Sector Experts

Our innovative development team are learning experts with a deep understanding of the health sector globally. We know that direct and recent experience within the health sector is vitally important in the development of any learning solution. This experience also ensures that we understand the operational imperatives surrounding a health organisation and these can then be reflected in our solutions.

Flexible Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering learning solutions that meet the requirements of our clients’ and their employees. Our solutions are tailored to the exact needs of our clients in order to achieve the best outcomes.


Our business model is based around partnering with our health clients to constantly develop and refine solutions to ensure that we meet the ever-changing business needs of our clients.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

We believe in empowering our clients. We also believe that part of our role is to drive efficiency into the learning and development operation, with cost reduction being a main aim.

Our solutions are designed for health organisations who need:

  • Real-time monitoring, tracking, and reporting that can be linked to compliance and learning performance
  • Increased job performance and reduced employee turnover
  • Measurably improved patient care
  • Training delivered to a dispersed workforce
  • Faster speed to competency for health employees
  • Value delivered quicker from investment in transformational learning projects
  • Reduction in time and cost associated with training
  • A partner that enables you to focus on running your core business

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