Employee Training from Link Learning

Transforming employee training and communications

Improve your employees productivity and ensure compliance.

LinkLearning create solutions to engage employees using tailored video training, increasing productivity and ensuring compliance.

Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding training from LinkLearning

25% of all new hires leave within the first year of employment.

( Allied Workforce Mobility Survey)

 Onboarding and induction reimagined.

Introducing new employees is so much more than an orientation. Move to a more strategic induction process by engaging your new employees before day one and throughout their employee journey with a consistent message on their benefits, payroll, company values, and more. Improve employee productivity, increase retention, and reduce onboarding costs with the LinkLearning Onboarding solution. Learn more..

Workplace Behaviours, Culture and Compliance

 Create a culture of compliance.

Constantly changing laws around workplace behavior coupled with complex legal jargon means that employers are challenged with engaging their workforce on compliance topics. Reduce the risk of legal issues and increase compliance rates by communicating a consistent message with the LinkLearning Workplace Behavior solution. Measure and track employee completions with robust analytics.

Compliance training from LinkLearning

47% of employees are not aware of their corporate policies.

( Business Environment Survey)

Process Training

70% of employers cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges.

( Forbes)

Process and Procedure training from LinkLearning

 Educate Employees on Process and Procedure.

Companies are challenged with communicating their processes and procedures, whether that be around new equipment, technology, software systems or existing business practices. LinkLearning’s solutions support management and reduce the burden on HR departments by educating employees on systems, functions and process.

Skills Training

 Achieve consistency with skills training.

To maintain a consistant standard each employee must be working to achieve that standard. Link Learning’s Skills Training solution can be tailored to meet you exact requirements. Our content experts will work with you and your team to create engaging tutorials that can be with standalone or used as part of a blended approach to skills development.

38 percent increased productivity through link learning training

Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity.

( Workplace Research Foundation)

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Save 60%

“cost savings of  60% between traditional instructor-led training and less expensive e-learning”

– Journal of HR and Adult Learning

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